Powering web3 for brands

The Next Operating System distributes a secure global and trusted ledger that authenticates the bridge of physical and digital goods. NXOS helps brands track and monetize customer engagement across omnichannel touchpoints.

Unlocking new relationships between customers and brands


Authenticating digital
and physical goods

Applying a secure digital identity through our QFT to both physical and digital goods linked to the Web3 supply chain that allows for unique holder activations.


Dynamic Customer Engagement

Our web3 SaaS platform allows brands to launch, manage, and engage with their customer through digital authenticated products utilizing QFT technology.


Digital Activations

Giving tools that allows brands to gatekeep, engage, and distribute their own digital property to their customers, fans, and communities.


The Quantum
Fingerprint TAG™ (QFT)

Our QFT™ technology provides digital and physical goods their own secure identity on the blockchain.

✨ Provenance and Lifecycle Tracking
✨ Immutable Verification via Digital Certification
✨ Trusted By Ubisoft, Google, IBM, Boeing, etc.

QFT Management Dashboard

Unlocks the path-to-purchase and beyond creating a deeper link between brands and customer that hasn’t been available in the past.

✨ Life Time Value via a Web3 Supply Chain
✨ Customer Relationships Management
✨ Big Data + Analytics
✨ Crypto and Fiat ($USD) Payments
✨ White Label Marketplace

Digital Gated Activations

Unlock your community engagement with gated activations to reward your customers with exclusive content past the initial point-of-sale.


Reward your customer with a trackable coupon from initial point-of-contact all the way through point-of-sale.

File/Content Gatekeeping

With the ability to store north of 5 terabytes of data linked to the blockchain, customers can now have access to high quality content linked to their digital collectible.

Digital Twins

Digital twins enable customer to extend their QFT into the virtual world using both in-game 3D virtual assets or augmented reality (AR) experiences.

One Time Use/Ticketing

Onsite activations that require a one-time user verification and/or ticketing system to redeem merchandise, meet & greets, or just simple entry into an event.

Warranty Smart Contract

Brands can reward early product adopters and increases their costumers life time value through  royalties


The Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol can enable you to build a lasting relationship past an initial engagement with customers that have verified attendance at both digital and in person events.

Brands bridging into the NXOS

West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs has successfully drop both physical and digital collectibles on the VCCESS marketplace with the first mobile NFT microsite to allow debit and credit card purchases at SEMA 2021.

Weird Trip Club

One of the first lifestyle brands developed for the web3 era utilizing QFT technology to bring digital product into the real world.

Ruben Rojas

Renowned street artist, Ruben Rojas utilized our tamper-proof QFT authentication stickers to release limited-run physical love statues that came with a digital love token.

What makes us special?

Utilizing hardware, patent-pending technology and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, NXOS provides a 360º solution for  brands looking to engage their customers in the web3 era.

Dynamic Customer Data

NXOS enables dynamic customer relationship whether its the initial customer or the 100th customer.

The Marketplace

Brands have the ability to launch their own marketplace specific to their brand and community with both crypto and fiat payments.

Path-To-Purchase and Beyond

The Holy Grail of a customers journey, our QF-TAG technology enables a deeper brand and customer relationship past the initial point-of-sale.

Redeemable Content

Our QFT technology provides authentication and provenance tracking including the ability to unlock exclusive content providing customer added value.

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